Verruca is the name of the species of viruses that causes plantar warts, flat warts located on the sole of the foot or on the toes. Up to 10% of the population is infected with the Human Papillomavirus. Cause Plantar warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, which enters the skin through small cracks or tears in the skin on the bottom of the feet. The warts are a type of tumor that affects the skin and causes a callus type of skin to appear on the sole of the foot. Whenever pressure is applied to the wart, there is increased pain. Warts may appear as a cauliflower growth with small black dots called petechiae in the center. They may bleed if irritated. Treatment and Prevention Salicylic acid may be obtained from the drug store or cryosurgery where the wart is frozen with liquid nitrogen. After freezing, the wart then begins to die. Another method used commonly to eliminate warts is electrodessication and surgical removal with laser, which is the most effective of all. Some treatments may leave scars. Get a second opinion if the doctor wishes to cauterize the wart, as this method may leave permanent keloids in the skin. Newer treatments may use immunotherapy whereby antigens towards the mumps virus may be injected into the body to elicit an immune response to the Verruca virus. Also approaching this from a natural healing perspective and boosting the immunity with supplements may work over a longer time period. While the wart is healing, an orthotic insert which includes a cushy insole will be a good choice to reduce pain experienced upon walking. Warts should be covered at all times so that they are not spread to others. Prevention of warts includes keeping one’s immunity high and always wearing shoes or sandals, even when using public showers.