Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition where the nerve that travels through the tarsel tunnel of the foot is compressed. This causes a number of symptoms including numbness and pain in the foot which may be accompanied by feelings of heat, coldness, or tingling. The pain is usually in the ankle and / or toes. Tarsal tunnel syndrome also causes pain on the bottom of the foot. Cause Here are some possible causes of tarsal tunnel syndrome: • Swelling from a traumatic injury to the foot • Sprained ankle • Bone spurs or arthritic changes • Tumors or cysts • Nerve ganglion cysts • Stress of any kind on the tarsal tunnel region Even low back pain due to disk herniation may be a cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Treatment and Prevention Treatment for tarsal tunnel syndrome involves: • resting the area, preventing further damage • massage of the foot and/or chiropractic manipulation • rehabilitation of the muscles of the lower leg and foot to rebalance the body • cold packs on the area to decrease inflammation Surgery may be needed in some cases. The faulty biomechanics of the foot should be addressed with orthotic insoles, especially cushioned arch supports, and others as needed. These will relieve stress and pain.