Talar Dome Lesion

Joints fit together perfectly so that movement can occur in many different ranges of motion. In many joints of the body, the ends of the bones are covered with cartilage. The cartilage prevents the actual bone from being destroyed from the movements of the joint. In talar dome lesion, the cartilage and the talus bone has been damaged by injury. The cartilage may break off and cause pain and swelling in the ankle. Any clicking in the joint or locking of the joint may be related to the part of the cartilage that broke off. Cause The cause of a talar dome injury is an injury to the area, which may be an ankle sprain. Treatment and Prevention The treatment of talar dome injury needs medical evaluation and includes imaging tests to correctly diagnose the disorder. It’s possible that pieces of the cartilage may be removed by surgery, if the case is severe. Proper shoe support is important. Supporting the instability of the heel with heel cups, and possibly orthotic arch supports may accelerate healing by removing reasons for additional inflammation to occur. A brace may also provide additional support. Sometimes a cast may be necessary to immobilize the area. However, with any type of immobilization, it’s still important to move the foot. Researchers have discovered that when one part of the body is injured, exercising the opposite limb can cause crossover healing. Physical therapy may also be initiated to regain the movement back in the joint. Whenever there is cartilage damage in the body, it’s always a good idea to increase the food sources of nutrients in the diet that support the cartilage: protein, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, and silica.