Stinky Feet

Stinky feet is a condition where the feet smell bad. In some cases, a person may wash his feet two or more times a day but still has stinky feet. Stinky feet may occur in association with pain, but usually only if there is an infection along with the stinky feet. Cause Feet smell because of bacteria or fungi that are reproducing their numbers on the foot. If a foot sweats more than usual, then bacteria and fungi will reproduce faster and emit an odor. Another cause of stinky feet is an actual infection found somewhere in the foot, such as one that is producing pus which emits a rancid odor. Treatment and Prevention Good personal hygiene is the first step in eliminating stinky feet. Washing the feet thoroughly at least once daily is critical to remove the bacteria and fungi which are killed with soap. Changing the socks as often as necessary during the day is also helpful. Medicated foot powder may also help. The cause of sweaty feet may need to be determined, as this can result from peripheral neuropathy or other neurological disorders. If the stinky feet are caused by infection, medical attention must be initiated, with proper medication to eliminate the infection.