Split hand foot malformation ( Ectordactyly )

Split hand foot malformation, also called ectordactyly, is a condition where the hand and/or foot is missing one or more fingers or toes. When a finger or toe is missing, the hand or foot takes on the appearance of a lobster claw. There have been cases reported where a hand is only made of a thumb and one finger. However, those who have this condition can still write in cursive, sew by hand with needle and thread, and do other normal daily tasks, including tying one’s own shoes. Some famous people who have had ectrodactyly include a chess world champion named Mikhail Tai and the actress Bree Walker from the television show, Nip/Tuck. Cause Split hand foot malformation is a genetic disease, passed down from parents with the trait, or the condition can occur if there’s a mutation in the DLX5 gene. The problem may occur on chromosome 7 and when it does, the person may also have hearing loss. The expression of genetic disorders may occur because of nutrient deficiencies. However, experts still have much to learn about this disorder. Treatment and Prevention Those with ectrodactyly may require special orthopedic shoes or at the least, orthotic arch supports to provide some structure for the feet.