Shoe Lifts & Modifications

1 - SHOE LIFTS - are done by a Trained professional a ( Certified Pedorthitst ) at FEET FIRST. CALL us for a FREE quote. 585-442-4990.

2 - Shoe Lifts are commonly used as therapy for leg-length differences leading to knee, hip, and back pain.

3 - The intent of one is to raise one foot in order to shift balance and gait. As such, these products should be firm and not compressible, in order to add a constant amount of height with a proper toe & heel rocker and to assure proper toe off and the smoothest possible gait without causing the heel to rub vertically in the shoe, at  FEET FIRST all work is done on-site in our shop and we can put a lift on any type of footwear and fill any type of RX for Leg Length differences,  call us for a FREE quote.  585-442-4990 

1/2" lift 1/2" Lift 1/2" Lift 1/2" Lift 2 1/2" Lift 3/4" Lift 1/2" Lift 1" Lift 1" Lift 1/2" Lift 1/2" Lift 1 1/4" lift 1/2" lift 1" lift 1/2" lift