Polydactyly is a condition whereby an individual is born with an extra toe(s) or extra tissue that looks like the start of the formation of a toe. Polydactyly is found in 2 out of every 1000 live births. One form of it is more commonly found in blacks – ten times more often, and found in males more than females. The world record for more toes than the usual number is 10 toes on each foot, found in a boy born in India in the year 2010. He also had 7 fingers on each hand. Some famous people who have had the condition include a former queen of England, Anne Boleyn and a professional baseball player, Antonio Alfonseca. Cause Polydactyly can be an inherited genetic disorder or can result from the mutation of the LMBR1 gene. The condition can occur by itself or with other conditions.,/p> Treatment and Prevention This condition needs extra wide shoes, and in some cases specially made shoes to accommodate all the toes. A podiatrist should be consulted to evaluate the biomechanics of the foot and make appropriate orthotic suggestions.