Morton’s Neuroma

This common foot problem is the inflammation of a nerve between the different toes, usually the 3rd and 4th toe. This causes symptoms including burning sensation, sharp pain, tingling sensations, numbness in the foot, and cramping. Cause Nerves only become agitated when they are squeezed or compressed. The irritated nerve that causes Morton’s Neuroma is irritated because there’s extra pressure on it from walking, standing, running, or jumping. The extra pressure can also be from shoes with pointy toes or high heel walking that puts pressure on the ball of the foot. It’s also possible that faulty biomechanics such as arch problems can contribute to Morton’s neuroma. Treatment & Prevention As for many other foot problems, the selection of proper shoes is paramount to treating the condition. Avoid high heels, shoes with pointy toes, and select wide shoes with a high toe box. Since the ball of the foot is stressed, an extra pad of support called a metatarsal pad may be added either to an existing orthotic insert or to a new arch support. Also, consider a forefoot cushioned insole. The function of this is to relieve the pain.