Madura Foot

Madura foot is a condition of the foot that results when a fungal infection causes nodules and a white, grainy discharge to appear on the foot. The nodules can spread over the entire foot, making the entire foot almost unrecognizable. The condition is more common in foreign countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, India, Columbia, Sudan, Somalia, Africa, Yemen and Central America. Surprisingly, the condition is painless in the beginning. The fungal infection can progress to cause destruction of the bones of the feet or even death. The infection may travel up the leg. Cause The cause of the condition is fungus, and the types of fungi that cause Madura foot are many. Fungal spores found in the soil are responsible for this condition. The fungi enters the skin from the soil via open wounds or tears in the skin. Mostly men working in the agricultural fields are those who are affected. Treatment and Prevention Madura foot is a condition that needs medical intervention. An x-ray is taken to view the extent of the internal damage caused by the fungi. Treatment involves isolating the fungi that causes it, then treatment with antifungals. If treatment doesn’t work, then amputation may become a last resort, unfortunately.