Lisfranc Injuries

Lisfranc injuries are generally fractures of the foot where the metatarsal bones are disjointed from the tarsus bone. Cause Lisfranc injuries are common during windsurfing, bicycling, or horseback riding. What these all have in common is that during these sports, the feet are strapped in place. Falling on the foot from an elevated height can also cause a Lisfranc injury. This injury occurs when the person’s leg is twisted or pushed in a direction that doesn’t allow the foot to move in the same direction. Because the foot is strapped, it becomes trapped and susceptible to injury. The foot covers the area of the metatarsals. Depending on the amount of force applied to the foot, the metatarsal bones are dislocated and/or fractured. Treatment and Prevention Treatment may involve a cast and/or surgery where screws and wires are used to hold the metatarsals in place. Weight-bearing is not recommended for up to 3 months.