Heel Pain

Heel pain is defined as soreness or pain which exists in the heel either at rest or when weight is supported by the foot and the heel. Cause Here’s a list of what may cause heel pain: • shoes that have negative heels, the type where the heel sits lower than the ball of the foot • repetitive stress to the heel, such as an increase in activities like marching, walking, running or jumping • fat pad atrophy in the heel pad due to cortisone injections • plantar fascitis • overpronation, a biomechanical defect of the foot that causes the plantar fascia to overstretch and become inflamed, and then causes heel pain • a vitamin B12 deficiency • dehydration • losing weight too fast, or putting on weight too fast Treatment & Prevention Heel pain is relieved when the compressive forces and shock of walking, running and jumping on the feet are absorbed by proper cushioning. An orthotic insert, such as an arch with additional customized designs like an elevated heel cup can make a big difference in the amount of heel pain a person feels. An orthotic that addresses overpronation will alleviate the heel pain associated with overpronation problems of the foot, including plantar fascitis. This orthotic will most likely include arch supports. As always, proper footwear is critical to the resolution of the problem.