Ganglion Cyst in the Foot

A ganglion cyst that occurs in the foot is a mass that feels soft and is located on the foot, usually on the top of the foot. The cyst varies in size, sometimes getting larger and other times appearing smaller. The cyst arises from the joint capsule or the sheath around the tendons. The inside of the cyst may be filled with waste matter or synovial fluid or both. Symptoms occur whenever pressure is placed on the cyst. If the ganglion cyst is located on the bottom of the foot and begins to grow larger, there will be pain. If the ganglion cyst is located on the top of the foot, shoes may rub against the ganglion cyst and cause additional problems such as blisters with the potential for infection. Cause No one knows the cause of ganglion cysts. However, trauma may precipitate the formation of a ganglion cyst. Treatment and Prevention The size, location and symptoms caused by the ganglion cyst determine its treatment. Often the cyst will be “watched” and the patient is left to deal with it on his own. In this case, it’s best to accommodate the cyst with customized orthotics so that it is not bothered. These will vary from person to person because the location of the cyst will vary. Medical treatment may involve draining the cyst if it enlarges but this often will not prevent the reoccurrence. Surgical removal does not prevent the reoccurrence of a cyst.