Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a type of treatment to the foot that is considered alternative healing and wellness. A reflexologist, someone trained in the art, applies pressure to different parts of the foot for short periods of time. The points used correspond to the acupuncture meridians and points that are activated for different conditions. Although medical studies have not proven that reflexology is effective for any medical condition, many who have this treatment performed on their foot do notice benefits. Foot reflexologists report that reflexes occur in the body’s organs when certain points are stimulated. When the meridians are “cleared” of obstructions, then the restoration of the “chi” to the organ can occur. This is the same philosophy that acupuncturists use to explain the efficacy of their treatment, and acupuncture is accepted as a valid effective treatment for many conditions by the World Health Organization. The difference between foot reflexology and foot acupuncture is that foot reflexology uses the hands to activate the points, not needles. Cause Any conditions that are treated by foot acupuncture may be potentially treated by foot reflexology. This list includes the following conditions: • Morton’s neuroma • Achilles tendonitis • plantar fascitis • neuropathy • ankle or foot pain • ankle sprains and strains Treatment and Prevention A trained reflexologist should be sought out for this type of treatment. Reflexology points on the foot are held for a short period of time, sometimes up to one minute. Reflexology should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment but may hasten recovery when used with medical treatment.