Foot Blister

A foot blister is a swelling of the skin that contains fluid and is painful. Blisters can appear on any part of the foot. Cause A blister can form on the feet from several different conditions: • Wearing shoes too tight • Wearing shoes while feet are wet • An infection of the foot • An allergy Any time there is continuous friction between any part of the foot and a shoe along with moisture, a blister can form. Treatment and Prevention Foot blisters should be done in the following manner: 1. Clean the area with soap and water. 2. Put a gauze bandage on top of the blister. 3. Don’t try to burst the blister. 4. Wrap the area so the bandage stays in place. 5. Allow the healing to occur. Prevention can be accomplished by using first aid tape over the skin that is susceptible to develop a blister. Check out our Spenco 2nd Skin Blister & Dressing Kits. For example if you have purchased new shoes and expect a blister to develop, use the first aid tape to cover the area. Don’t use the tape if you already have a blister. Another method of prevention is wearing two pairs of socks instead of one.