Foot Bath

A foot bath is a type of treatment that those with foot disorders often use to relieve foot pain and swelling. In this treatment, the foot or feet are immersed into a small plastic tub or a bathtub with the water at least up to the level of the ankle. Different substances may be added to the water for therapeutic purposes. The average length of time the feet soak is between 10 and 20 minutes. Cause Foot baths may be used for many different foot conditions, including: • tiredness of the foot muscles • plantar fascitis • Achilles tendonitis • heel spurs • bunions • hammer toes • claw toes • Morton’s Neuroma • sesamoiditis Any inflammatory condition of the foot may be benefited by a cold foot bath since coldness can reduce inflammation. Warm foot baths stimulate circulation of the foot. Treatment and Prevention 1. To create a home foot bath, get a plastic bucket or foot bath device that your feet will fit in comfortably. Collect any substances you will add to the water for therapeutic purposes, such as herbs, essential oils, or Epsom salt. 2. Fill the bath with warm water so that the whole foot will be emerged in water up to the level of the ankle. Add the therapeutic substances. 3. Immerse your bare feet into the warm foot bath. If you need a cold foot bath, add cold water gradually to the warm foot bath, so as not to shock your feet. 4. Keep the feet immersed for about 10 to 20 minutes. 5. Remove your feet and dry thoroughly.