Eczema of the foot

Eczema of the foot is a condition where the foot has dry, irritated scaly areas on the skin of the foot. The areas may crack and bleed, leaving the individual susceptible to infection. In some cases, there may be blister-like sores. The affected areas itch and may scar. Eczema is an inflammatory condition that is twice as common in women as men. Cause Excessive sweating may be one of the causes of eczema in some cases. Allergies may also be related to the development of eczema. Excessive foot washing may also strip away the natural oils of the foot that are protective against the development of eczema. Some experts report that the body’s toxicity level and ability to absorb amino acids necessary for the synthesis of skin may affect the production of eczema. Treatment and Prevention Here are some helpful tips that can reduce the eczema: 1. Avoid harsh soaps that can strip the skin further of its own healing oils. 2. Avoid any substances that you are allergic to, including substances found in soaps. 3. Replace shoes that induce foot sweating. 4. Try footbaths with a few drops of essential oils added to the water. 5. Use lotions after bathing. Medicated lotions may be necessary if there is infection. 6. Analyze your diet for any deficiency of omega 3 fats. If deficient, add the oils to your diet. 7. Use custom orthotics that can keep the foot in an ideal climate – not too hot and not too cold or dry. Consider an over the counter sensitive foot insoles.