Dry Skin of the Foot

Dry skin can occur on the feet just as it can occur on other parts of the body. The skin loses its moisture, cracks, fissures form and there may be thickened areas around the heels as well. Peeling is common and the feet may change color, taking on a yellow or brown color. As the condition continues, pain may set in. If there are fissures, then bacteria and fungi may enter and cause infections in the feet. Bleeding may also occur if the fissures are deep enough and affect capillaries. Cause Dry skin is caused by many different conditions: • Diet with omega 3 fat deficiency • Faulty sweat glands • Obesity which destroys the sweat glands of the feet • Chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis Treatment and Prevention Treatment of dry skin of the feet may start with the application of lotion to the feet. This will add a little lubrication to the area that is affected and can relieve some of the dryness. However, the lotion must be repeatedly applied. If the condition is due to obesity, a weight loss diet is needed. If the cause is due to faulty sweat glands, then a medical consultation is necessary to determine the next steps. If the condition is accompanied by fissures, then it is important to monitor the feet for any infections and treat them accordingly. Any faulty biomechanics of the foot that puts abnormal pressure on the foot should be corrected with orthotic inserts or consider a sensitive foot insole.