Disfigured toes

The definition of disfigured toes is a misshapen toe. There are many different forms of disfigured toes: • hammertoes • claw toes • mallet toes • polydactyly or more toes than the five found on humans • bunions Each of these conditions is different and may have different symptoms as well. In many cases, there is pain as well as swelling. Cause The cause of each of the different types of disfigured toes varies, but many of them are due to faulty biomechanics of the foot such as flat foot, high-arched feet, or the result of other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, injuries, infections, or even genetic disorders. Wearing improper shoes such as high heels is another cause. If a toe starts out normal and becomes disfigured, then there are changes in the toe leading up to the eventual deformity. When the ligaments and muscles of the toe are overly stretched or contracted for long periods of time, the toe becomes disfigured. Treatment and Prevention Early diagnosis of faulty biomechanics of the foot is important. Orthotic inserts and arch supports that create alignment of the bones of the foot are necessary. These can also prevent the formation of the disfigured toes. In some conditions the solution is surgery.