A callus that forms on the tips, tops, or sides of the toes is called a corn. It is usually rounded in shape, reddened, and becomes redder after walking, running or jumping. Corns may be found on ant toe but are commonly found on the top and side of the 5th toe. Corns may also form between the toes and these are sometimes called soft corns. These soft corns may not harden because of the moisture of the environment between the toes. All corns have one specific point of contact with a shoe that caused the formation initially. This point may take on the shape of a cone inside the actual corn that then presses on the nerve that innervates the toe that is affected. This is one source of the pain of a corn. Another source of pain from the corn is from the continual friction that occurs on the hardened callus. Cause There are several major causes of corns: 1. Improperly-fitting shoes that cause a callus on the toe, especially high heels and shoes too big for the foot 2. Morton’s toe (short 1st metatarsal with hypermobility caused by overpronation, named after Dr. Dudley Morton), which causes a callus on the toe 3. Tight-fitting stockings or socks which cause contraction of the toe(s) 4. Arthritis which deforms a toe Treatment & Prevention Corns may lead to the development of bursitis in the joints of the toe that are affected. In other cases, an ulcer may form. Changing the type of shoes that one wears is one of the best things you can do to start treatment of corns. By choosing wide and tall toe box shoes, you make room for the toes that are affected by corns and the friction on them may stop. ¾ Orthotic inserts, arch supports to prevent overpronation, and the avoidance of tight socks or stockings are also helpful in alleviating pain from corns.