Ankle instability

Ankle instability is when the ankle turns in during standing, walking or running. These episodes where the ankle “gives way” is associated with a feeling of wobbliness or as if the ankle can’t be trusted, especially while participating in athletic activities or running on uneven surfaces.CauseThe cause of ankle instability is previous ligament injuries that have not healed completely. Rehabilitation focuses on strengthening the ligaments and muscles of the foot after an injury. When these exercises are performed, they always include proprioceptive exercises that re-train the ankle how to move in all different positions. Without this training, ankle instability will result. Chronic ankle instability may occur when repeated ankle sprains occur and each of them are not sufficiently healed.Treatment and PreventionMedical attention is required for ankle instability because other reasons besides previous ankle sprains. The cause may be tumors or bone infections; however, these are usually accompanied by other signs and symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, and odd sensations in the ankle. X-rays rule out other causes of ankle sprain. Ankle instability treatment includes retraining the ankle how to move with physical rehabilitation. It also includes strengthening all the muscles and ligaments of the foot. An ankle brace may provide temporary support. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications may also be prescribed. Ankle instability may require surgery to repair the ligaments, tendons and muscles in extreme cases.