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In 2009, Andrew Feshbach was on a family vacation in Turkey exploring the ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Ephesus, the eastern capital of the Roman Empire. A footwear and apparel CEO with over 25 years in the industry, Andrew was disappointed that he was uncomfortable during his daily explorations. The sandals he brought simply didn’t provide the support he needed for an all-day walking adventure. His athletic shoes, fitted with orthotics, had plenty of support but were just too hot to wear in the mid-summer Turkish heat. On the long flight home to California, Andrew conceived of an idea for a new sandal that would solve his footwear dilemma.


In 2010, ABEO B.I.O.system sandals were launched with instant success. B.I.O.system technology, or footwear with Built-In Orthotics, was born. With digital scanning technology so advanced and accessible for the first time in history, the concept of providing a 3-dimensional fit to a pair of sandals (or any shoe) was feasible. Shaping the sandal foot bed to a variety of arch types and measuring the customer in store was suddenly achievable! 

Focusing on the belief that the most important attribute for comfort was a proper fit, ABEO B.I.O.system became the first sandals to actually fit the customer’s unique arch type. Athletes and others with foot issues have known for years that replacing their insoles with customized orthotics provided significant support and allowed for better comfort and performance. Now, for the first time ever, a customized orthotic foot bed was being built into sandals!


Soon after the unadvertised 2010 launch, ABEO B.I.O.system sandals were sold out. Customers tried the sandals on and were instantly convinced. ABEO B.I.O.system not only provided unprecedented orthotic support in a sandal, but did so without the comfort footwear industry’s normal sacrifice of style. 

A year later ABEO B.I.O.system sales more than tripled (again, without the benefit of traditional advertising or mass distribution) and Andrew’s vision for ABEO footwear expanded. The objective was to design footwear that helps people walk more, do more, live more without pain, without discomfort and without sacrificing style. Designed on the concept that comfort can be incorporated into almost any practical and fashionable footwear style, ABEO blends advanced technologies with modern materials and designs to provide customized fit and comfort that is essentially invisible to the wearer - the integration of B.I.O.system technology didn’t change the shape, width, or look of shoes.

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Today the customized fit and comfort of ABEO footwear includes sandals, casual and dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots and slippers found in 3 main collections: B.I.O.system collection featuring the Built-In Orthotics, the P.R.O.system collection which include a Personalized Removable Orthotic, and 3D3 Customized Orthotics for use in other footwear brands. With the introduction of new styles and categories each season, ABEO Footwear is one of the fastest growing comfort footwear brands in the world. 

Experience the future of footwear and walk more, do more, live more in the customized fit and comfort of ABEO.

ABEO Footwear
The Story Of ABEO.