Supination ( Under-Pronation )

Supination of the foot is also called under-pronation. In this condition, the foot does not turn inward 15 degrees during walking or running. The person walks as if they are avoiding any contact of the inner side of the foot or the big toe. In this case, most of the shock of the body weight hits the foot at the lateral heel and edge of the foot. The foot does not roll inward as it should during the walking – or running process. The weight stays on the outside of the foot during walking or running. Cause The cause of under-pronation or supination of the foot is a foot with a high arch. This puts extra pressure on the foot and makes it more prone to injury. Treatment & Prevention Surprisingly to some, a foot that has a high arch is not preferable to that of a normal arch. The high-arched foot may look prettier, but it can be related to the development of foot problems just as much as a foot that is flat. Prevention of under-pronation includes examining the shoe and looking for the telltale signs of wear on the outside edge of the sole. If standing behind the person who is supinating their feet when they walk, you’ll see that the person’s foot doesn’t roll inward as it should. The treatment for supination and/or a high arched foot is properly fitted orthotics and/or arch supports. In some cases, heel cups may be needed. Check out our Orthotic Arch Supports, High Arched Orthotic Arch Supports, or Childrens Orthotic Arch Supports.